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Update on Scottoiler position (as of april 2001)
I bought a new Scottoiler. The old one (had not been used for 4 years) dumped
the oil way too fast, resulting in oil everywhere (incuding on the rear tyre).
Also the place under the seat wasn't handy (see other pictures), so I decided
to tape the S.O. to the left passenger footpeg-holder.
Scottoiler on passenger footpeg-holder
Below is the report on the first Scottoiler:
Mounting of the Scottoiler (S.O.) took about two and a half hours. That includes the removal and installation of the left sidecover (I thought the S.O. would fit behind the cover, and it does, but then it's impossible to see the oil level!!).
The S.O. now lives under the rear fender. Just behind the two screws that hold the triangle (that holds the passenger footpeg) there is a hole you can use to screw one of the mounting devices (of the S.O.) to. The S.O. vacuum line is fitted to the fuel petcock vacuum line. You only have to lift the rear end of the gastank for 10 centimeters to cut the line and fit the 'T' piece.
I apologize for the poor pictures. It's not always WYSIWYG when looking
through a camera lens.
Left side, Scottoiler-lines visible
The Scottoiler is hard to see in these pictures. You can just see the bottom part where the oil line ends (in the center of the triangle).
Is this the best place to mount the S.O.?? NO, it's NOT.
- It gets extremely dirty
- It's hard to check the oil level
- It's hard to refill
- It's hard to adjust the amount of oil that comes out
And I'm not sure the rear tyre will touch it if the suspension is fully compressed. If it does, and it cracks the oilcontainer, I'm in for a real surprise!
Scottoiler under seat Picture from the right side. The hose you can see is the ventilation hose. The shiny piece of metal is part of the mounting.
Picture from behind No sign of the oilcontainer here, just the oil- and ventilation hoses.

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